Digital marketing is taking the lion’s share of today’s marketing budget and it’s no surprise with marketers spending 70% of their total marketing budget on digital channels, according to Salesforce State of Marketing Report. But that doesn’t mean that offline marketing is dead. In fact, with so many people moving the bulk of their spend online, you might have more chance of being noticed with more traditional offline marketing methods.

Direct Mail

With so much of our lives managed online, the amount of mail we receive has reduced significantly. This offers an excellent opportunity for marketers to get in front of their target market through old-school snail mail!
Direct mail is a great offline marketing technique that, when paired with a great offer and strong call to action, can generate serious results. Personalisation is key here so if you can, use your list to personally address the mail campaign, you’ll have more chance of engagement this way.

Networking and Trade Events

Networking and trade-specific events offer a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with potential new leads. If you’re networking, be prepared with your talking logo and remember to ask lots of questions to everyone you meet. Don’t take up people’s time for too long and always grab their card and follow up. If you’re exhibiting, always make sure to have a prize giveaway so visitors will give you their business cards. Where possible, try to make the prize specific to your business. Everyone loves a good bottle of red but you’ll receive better quality leads if you give away some of your products or services.

Be sure to follow up within 2 days of the event. I like to segment the contacts into 3 groups. Cool leads, warm leads and hot leads. Each require a different style of follow up depending on their potential interest in what you have to offer. Remember, don’t discount the cool leads. Send a short, friendly and professional email to let them know it was lovely to meet them. Just because they might not buy from you, doesn’t mean they won’t refer a friend!

Speaking Engagements

Finding an opportunity to speak at an event is one of the best ways to develop your brand and market to your target audience. Public speaking also helps you develop your own personal brand authority, giving weight to your business, but also yourself as an expert in your field. People are much more likely to remember you when you get the opportunity to speak so be sure to tell your brand story in a way that resonates with your audience.

As with most marketing tactics, don’t focus on the hard sell. Instead, present ideas, suggestions and experiences that will help to educate your audience and build trust.


What better way to get your brand or products known that by sponsoring an event!? It doesn’t have to big or expensive but you should always keep in mind what your objectives are. What kind of exposure are you looking for? Think about the target audience of the event and what you could offer that will garner interest in your products. You might want to put up a prize for a competition or silent auction, install signage along your local tennis court or offer your services in exchange for a mention. Be creative and don’t be afraid to approach event organisers.

Of course, the best marketing tactics are those that integrate with a robust marketing strategy. Most businesses will find that an omnichannel approach will work better, with a few offline tactics combined with an online digital presence.